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  5. Can I print from within Awingu?

Absolutely! Awingu allows you to print locally from your device, so you can work with the printers that are known to your computer. From within your streamed applications, you can:

      • print to printers on your company network (if configured by your system administrator)
      • create a PDF

To create a PDF, you will need to select the printer Virtual Printer. When you print on the Virtual Printer, a PDF will be downloaded.

Note that you do not see any progress bar. Please wait until the PDF appears. In the meantime you can continue working in the streamed app. Your pop-up blocker needs to be disabled. Most browsers support to allow pop-ups from a specific website to allow all pop-ups for Awingu.


Choose the (Awingu) Virtual Printer when working in BYOL or out of office


The Awingu virtual printer will generate a PDF version of the document and present it for printing to the printers known to your device

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