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Does Awingu work with my printers?

There are no limits on the type of printers.

  • Awingu’s virtual printer: the ‘Virtual Printer’ generates a document to be printed in the browser and will launch the print job from the browser to the known printers on the user’s PC. There is no need to manage printer drivers. This is very useful for remote / BYOD usage.

The printing feature can be disabled for specific users or user-groups (e.g. for privacy or security reasons)

Important : Do not forget to enable the browser pop-up screen.


Choose the (Awingu) Virtual Printer when working in BYOL or out of office


The Awingu virtual printer will generate a PDF version of the document and present it for printing to the printers known to your device

  • Network printers: Inside the office, Awingu admins can define network printers in the back-end. As such creating a known default for the end-user.

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