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How can I work with the Awingu polygon (in-app button) in Awingu?

The Awingu Polygon (sometimes referred to as the ‘Awingu button’) enables users to access application session specific features. The Polygon is only available inside streamed application (or desktop) sessions and thus not in the workspace or files section.

The Awingu Polygon was introduced in version 3.0. Since Awingu 4.3, it can be hidden and replaced by a ‘context menu’. This menu can be activated by using a ‘right mouse click’, or, ‘long tap’ on a touch device. Hiding the polygon is remembered for each browser. Hiding the polygon needs to be activated by the user and can not be pushed to all users/groups. Note: the context menu will not work in iOS touch devices (as ‘long tap’ is not supported).



Users can choose to ‘hide’ the Awingu Polygon via the user menu.


When the Polygon is hidden, the features linked to the polygon can be used via the ‘context menu’ (‘right mouse click’ or ‘long tap’ on the application icon in the Navigation bar to the left of the screen)

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