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How does a user set up MFA with Awingu

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How does a user set up MFA with Awingu?

The first time a user wants to login, they need to do following steps:

  • Download an application supporting counter based one-time password generation (typically on their smartphone). We recommend the following applications:
    • iOS and Android: Google Authenticator & Microsoft Authenticator
    • Windows Phone: Auth7
  • After providing credentials on the Awingu login page, the user will be forwarded to a page showing a QR code and a secret.

  • The user scans the QR code with the app that they just installed on their phone (or enters the secret manually).
  • The first token is generated in the app. The user enters that token to proceed.

Every next time the user logs in, they only need to provide their token which is generated via the authentication application.

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