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Is Awingu also a service provider?

No, Awingu is a software vendor. We do however sell our software to different types of Service Providers so they can build an offering around Awingu. Awingu is an ideal solution for Service Providers:

  1. Fully multi-tenant with tenant personalization
  2. Open API’s
  3. Runs on any infrastructure (e.g. Azure Stack, vCloud)
  4. Multi-node deployments, support for RDS farms, …

Typical Service Provider value propositions are:

  1. Awingu-as-a-Service: where the SP hosts Awingu’s platform and resells to end-customers or channel partners at a price per month per user. The customer is responsible for his own applications;
  2. Workplace-as-a-Service: Where the SP hosts and manages both the Awingu platform as well as other applications.

Also, we are part of cloud marketplaces such as the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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