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What is the minimum infrastructure needed to run Awingu?

Every case is obviously different, but the minimum infrastructure to run an Awingu environment is 2 Virtual Machines:

  • 1 linux VM to run the Awingu virtual appliance (minimum 2vCPU & 4Gb RAM); this can accommodate approximately 100 concurrent application sessions (depends on the applications)
  • 1 (typically) Windows VM to run the applications/desktops with RDP enabled. The specs for this machine will depend on the number of users that require concurrent access, and
  • The same VM can also run the Active Directory, this could also run on a 3rd VM.

In this setup, there is no use of a file server. In case file servers are also used and connected to Awingu, a 3rd VM will be needed. This file server VM can then also be shared with the Active Directory.

example: running a small Awingu deployment with 3 VMs (note AD & RDS server can run on the same VM)

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