If you’ve ever seen a beverage dispensing or cooling machine in Sweden, there’s a very high chance that it is owned or maintained by Markiscity. They are one of the primary warehouse management subcontractors of large companies like Coca-Cola, Spendrups, Carlsberg and Swedish Match. After being hit by two consecutive ransomware attacks, they chose Awingu to make their data management more secure, and to arm themselves against another intrusion.

Before the attacks, Markiscity used a combination of local clients and Remote Desktop Servers to access their warehouse management system, to access file shares, their ERP systems and legacy applications. The ransomware attacks (which happened during the worldwide WannaCry attacks) caused serious problems for the company and their IT partner, Toolbox. Awingu’s unified workspace was part of a threefold strategy to minimize the risk of being hit again and was deployed together with the autonomous endpoint security software SentinelOne to protect their servers and client computer from threats, and the VM backup solution Nakivo.

‘Markiscity needed to protect its data against future attacks, and Awingu was an essential component in achieving that,’ says Ronny Hartzell (CEO, Toolbox). With Awingu, Markiscity employees can access all their data without storing it locally. All the documents stay on their servers, and thus they prevent leaks or access from malicious entities. Aside from files, the unified workspace is also being used to access their legacy WMS software by making a direct RDP connection to their backend. Furthermore, Awingu doesn’t require them to install a client or agent; they just need to open their web browser and they’re good to go.

‘The Awingu support team is the most reliable I have ever had the opportunity of working with!’ – Ronny Hartzell (CEO, Toolbox)

‘We haven’t found a product to give access to legacy applications that is as simple and secure at the same time as Awingu,’ says Ronny. ‘Since its deployment, there has never been any more downtime in any of the systems. Thanks to Awingu, Markiscity can sleep again at night: it is reliable, and it just works.’

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Karel Van Ooteghem
Marketing Manager