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MSP enables their clients with an Awingu-as-a-Service model is a Belgian Cloud Service Provider and Tier 1 Microsoft CSP Partner with around 200 employees and a strong footprint in the Flemish Kempen. As the company grows, so do their clients: while the customer portfolio initially consisted of local SMB’s, they see a shift towards clientele in mid- and large companies (e.g. Torfs, Hubo, Suez, etc.). is a Microsoft-centric and forward-looking company that focuses on migrating their customers – both larger and smaller parties – to the Azure cloud and a Microsoft 365 model. Their ‘Digital Workplace’ division is becoming a vital part of the organisation, and Awingu plays a major role in their offering.

Awingu-as-a-Service offers the unified workspace in an Awingu-as-a-Service offering. This means that they offer Awingu to their customers in a shared environment, and fill it with the customer’s assets. charges a fixed price per user that covers the Awingu licensing cost and the cost of maintaining the Azure server. Typically, those are Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016.

As Awingu is multi-tenant by design, each customer has access to their own workspace that contains all of their applications and files and is fully brandable. The backend is set up for each client individually in a project-based way: will host their applications in Azure and tweak the dedicated environment to the customer’s needs.

The customers themselves more often than not use Awingu to conduct all of their daily work – independent of their location. Typically, they used to access their Azure environment via a VPN; but with Awingu, all they need to do is open their browser and log in to their workspace. “For some clients, we publish full desktops in Awingu – for others it’s their set of applications. It really depends on the needs and behaviour of the client.”

Why Awingu?

“We wanted to offer a secure online workspace environment for our customers, and noticed that there actually aren’t that many options,” says Jente Vandijck (Solutions Architect, “You can enable RDP via VPN, but that’s hardly secure enough. Furthermore, there are Citrix products – but those come with a lot of overhead, are harder to use and turn out to be a lot more costly for our clients. Keeping those things – security, cost and ease-of-use – in mind, Awingu turned out to be the best option.”

“Funny story: we got to know Awingu because we’ve had several customers asking us why we didn’t sell it. And rightly so: the customer feedback we receive about our Awingu offering is unanimously very positive.”
Jente Vandijck
Solutions Architect,

All in all, there are multiple reasons why offers Awingu to their customers:

  • Security: this is a top priority for As Jente puts it: “if we set up an environment, it has to be secure. People who wanted to work in their RDS environment before having Awingu, needed to log in via VPN – which we want to avoid. Nowadays, we never work without MFA – and Awingu has that built-in. If we try to recreate the same offering without Awingu, we need to enable an external MFA on that VPN, which means more work for us, more costs for the customer and a more complicated setup. Awingu is simultaneously a digital workplace and a security solution in our portfolio.”
  • Multi-tenancy: the fact that can host multiple tenants from a single Awingu appliance, and have all of those tenants have their individual branding, applications and setup, is a big plus for any CSP.
  • Cost: Awingu is a lot more cost-efficient than other digital workplace solutions. Not only in terms of licenses, but also because the setup is easier (saves time) and is an all-in-one package (saves having to buy external solutions to complement the workspace).
  • Any device: a large portion of’s Awingu users consists of accounting offices. As those often work from a variety of locations (at home, at the office, at a customer), they want to work anywhere, and on any device, in the exact same way. “Many of our clients have a BYOD culture, and Awingu fits that bill perfectly”, says Jente.
  • Simplicity: this is a plus for both and its customers. “Awingu is very easy to manage, very quick to set up and very user-friendly for the end-user.” Furthermore, is using the Awingu API in making Awingu installations even faster and more efficient.
  • Support: “Another asset of Awingu is its support team”, Jente says. “If we have a question, we contact them and almost immediately have an answer to the issue we’re facing.”
“If our sales team visits a client nowadays, we just show them the Awingu environment that we use internally. We quickly open some applications and show them how easy and seamless the solution is – and how it differs from a classic RDS environment. Awingu is a simple solution, and we explain it in a simple fashion. Often, words are not even necessary: they see the technology, and they’re sold.”
Jente Vandijck
Solutions Architect,
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