We value your partnership with Awingu. As a software vendor, it’s not just our technology that needs to evolve, but also the engine of our go-to-market: our partners and the partner program behind it. That’s why in 2019 we are introducing some changes to the partner program.


We are ending the generic ‘certified’ and ‘premium certified’ partner model, and are replacing it with a competence based model, that is rewarding and supporting our channel partners for growth and signing-up new customers. As part of the competence based model, Awingu will introduce the following 3 certification levels:

As part of each certification level, a number of ‘gives & gets’ have been defined. These incl. the size of technical staff trained and revenue generated in the ‘gives’. The ‘gets’ will provide interesting MDF budget, extra margins for deal registration, new customer bonus, … The benefits will be unique for each certification level.

If you have any questions regarding the revised Awingu Partner Program, please reach out to your Awingu channel contact.

As of Jan1st 2019, Awingu will introduce the “Awingu Certified Cloud Service Provider”. This will be coupled with a brand new CSP pricing model. This pricing model will co-exist next to the existing concurrent user pricing model. The highlights are:

  • Named user based pricing
  • Post-pay model (ie. Pay as you use based on usage reporting)
  • Available via a selection of Awingu distributors
  • Only applicable for Cloud Service Providers that are running a “shared hosted” cloud platform
  • Leverage Awingu’s multi-tenant platform to deploy different customers
  • Sub-distribution is not allowed (ie. Only for end-customers)
Next to the new CSP pricing model, Awingu also has a number of distributors in place that are offering a fully hosted and managed Awingu flavour. This is ideal for partners that don’t wish to build their own cloud platform, but do have customers with interest in the model. Want to find out more?