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Partner marketing toolkit

Table of Contents

1. The marketing team

Are you interested in one of the assets below? Send us or your account manager an email, and we’ll deliver ASAP.

If you ever need something that you can’t find on this page (custom requests), don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

2. Brand guidelines & assets

2a. Logo

  • Download our logo via the the file link below. It contains .png, .svg and .eps format of our logo, with versions for light and dark backgrounds.
  • When placing our logo somewhere, please always include the tagline ‘One Workspace. Any Device. Anywhere.’ which is present in the original file. Do not cut away parts of the logo (such as the aforementioned tagline or the ‘.com’).
  • Do not place our logo on any other than the following backgrounds (see color table below for more info)
    • 100% white
    • 100% Awingu blue
    • Image with >65% Awingu blue overlay

2b. Brand colors

Color nameWhere to useHEXRGBCMYKHSL
Awingu dark blueGeneral background, text#1c598828, 89, 13679%, 35%, 0%, 47%206°, 66%, 32%
Awingu orangeAccents, buttons, links#f29827242, 152, 390%, 37%, 84%, 5%34°, 89%, 55%
WhiteGeneral background, text on Awingu blue#ffffff255, 255, 2550%, 0%, 0%, 0%0°, 0%, 100%
Awingu light blueSecondary accents#5FC5F195, 197, 24161%, 18%, 0%, 5%197°, 85%, 66%
Awingu dark greyText on white#363A3C54, 58, 6010%, 3%, 0%, 76%200°, 5%, 23%

2c. Font

  • Both our logo and all text in our communication is Open Sans. The font is open source and requires no license to use. Download it via the the file link below.
  • Both our logo and all text in our communication is Open Sans. The font is open source and requires no license to use. Download it via the the file link below.

2d. Default product images

2e. Partner logo's

Gold Partner
Certified Partner
CSP Partner

2f. 'Copy-paste' explainers

Awingu is a unified workspace that provides highly secure, controlled and audited access to all your company files and legacy, web and SaaS applications in a browser-based workspace, accessible from any device. Crowned by Gartner as Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces, Awingu offers proprietary HTML5 to RDP technologies to enable users to access and use all their business applications and files from one and the same workplace at any device, time and place.

IT administrators do not need to install clients on end-users’ devices, and all IT resources are managed centrally in the cloud of your choice (on-prem, public, hybrid, etc.). This workspace aggregator focuses strongly on ease-of-use, for both the user and the administrator, and sees security as a priority.

Awingu is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the ‘work from home’ and ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) space, and was founded with the idea that work is not a place and ‘Work From Anywhere’ would become a default. It envisioned a world where employees would work from a multitude of devices, incl. “Bring Your Own”. A world where the browser is everything an end-user needs to access company data and applications in full security. Awingu is awarded “Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces” by Gartner.

Today, Awingu has customers around the globe in all verticals and sizes. It has partnerships with technology giants such as Microsoft, BlackBerry, Nutanix and Barracuda. Awingu is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium and has offices in New York, USA.

Awingu is a Unified Workspace solution that enables Zero Trust secure “Work From Home / Anywhere” and “Bring Your Own Device”. End-users are empowered to work and collaborate from anywhere using any device compatible with just an HTML5 browser. Delivered as a simple virtual appliance that can be installed in any cloud, it’s non-intrusive and can be set up in an existing back-end of legacy applications, desktops and file servers in a matter of hours. As a turnkey solution, Awingu comes packed with Zero Trust security capabilities such as context awareness, MFA, granular usage controls, no local data, anomaly detection, and more. Awingu doesn’t require any client software installation, making IT administration extremely simple.

Work anywhere, on any device via a Zero Trust secure HTML5 access on any browser to all of your business applications and files. Simple to set up, easy to use, ultra secure and highly cost-effective digital workspace.

Work anywhere, on any device via a browser-based Zero Trust secure HTML5 access to all of your business applications and files. Awingu is a simple to set up, easy to use, and highly cost-effective digital workspace that prioritizes security and is trusted by companies of all sizes across the globe.

Awingu is een unified workspace die een uiterst veilige, gecontroleerde en geauditeerde toegang biedt tot al uw bedrijfsbestanden en legacy, web- en SaaS-applicaties in een browsergebaseerde workspace, toegankelijk via eender welk apparaat. Gekroond door Gartner tot Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces, biedt Awingu via proprietary HTML5 to RDP technologieën gebruikers de mogelijkheid om al hun business applications en files te raadplegen en te gebruiken via één en dezelfde werkplek op eender welk apparaat, tijdstip en plaats.

IT administrators hoeven geen clients te installeren op de toestellen van de eindgebruikers, en alle IT resources worden centraal gemanaged. Deze workspace aggregator focust sterk op ease-of-use, voor zowel de gebruiker als voor de administrator, en ziet security als prioriteit.

3. Marketing activities catalogue

3a. Webinar-in-a-box

Easy, low-effort and succesful customer pitches! Book a timeslot, invite your customers and we’ll do the rest! Take 5 minutes out of your day to schedule a highly effective Awingu introduction to your customers!

Fill out the form via the button below, and the Awingu gears start grinding. The only thing you need to do is invite your customers with the link and email templates we’ll automatically send you!

3b. Co-branded one-pager

We offer the option to co-brand our standard one-pager with your logo to enstill trust into the hearts of your employees. Send us a message if you’d like this to happen, and check out the design below.

3c. Reference case of your customer

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful selling messages. Not only for Awingu, but also for your qualities as a partner. Contact us to write a reference case together with any of your Awingu customers – we’ll do all the work, and applaud your efforts in the final product.

Important to know:

  • Not every reference customer is the same. We can deny writing the case on the base of following questions:
    • Is the use-case original enough?
    • Do we have an under-representation in the customer’s geographical or vertical area?
    • Does the name ring a bell for potential prospects?
  • Awingu’s marketing team will hop on a call with the customer to talk about the Awingu story. Typical questions asked are “how did you get to know Awingu?”, “what was your situation before Awingu and what problems did that entail?”, “how did Awingu solve your problems and how is it used right now?” and “how did your partner guide you towards a succesful implementation?”
  • The customer needs to give written approval before we start the interview.
  • We’ll do all the work: within 10 working days after the interview, we’ll have a written reference case that we’ll then publish on our website and distribute via social media.

Interested in telling your customers’ stories together with us? Contact us!

3e. Event material & MDF

Parallels Awingu may provide funding towards qualifying partners planning to run internal marketing awareness for channel reps, sales enablement or marketing activities for prospects and customers. MDF submissions will be enabled from January 2023 onwards via the Alludo Partner portal. In the meantime, if you’re present on a business fair or any other event to promote Parallels-Awingu and you’re looking for marketing support feel free to send us a note and we’ll see what we can do !

4. Sales Academy

What is the Awingu Sales Academy?

  • At Awingu, we have tons of experience in picking up the right triggers for selling our unified workspace, and our Awingurus want to share that information with you.
  • The Awingu Sales Academy is an initiative for partners to help you spot the right opportunities by offering unique insights and perspectives into the market.
  • This is an exclusive initiative with confidential information, therefore we approve entrance on an individual basis.


What can you expect?

  • Access to a library of exclusive material and information that will help you excel in selling Awingu and spotting the right opportunity.
  • New content, such as explainer videos, every month.
  • Monthly emails with insights and tips & tricks in selling Awingu.


5. Useful resources

5a. my.awingu

Where we previously had the Awingu Partner Portal, we now have my.awingu. Feel free to request access.

my.awingu is your one-stop-shop for…

  • the Awingu Support Portal
  • the Awingu License Portal

Via the Parallels Partner Portal on Vartopia, you find

  • a variety of marketing and sales material (including the assets that you find on this page)
  • deal registration form

5b. Videos

Awingu, like many other companies, invests in video marketing. Check out our YouTube channel to take a look at the 150+ public videos we have in store for you.

Of notable interest for you are…

  • Awingu in 1 minute, in which we explain the product in 60 seconds. This can serve as your ‘go-to short explainer’.
  • Awingu’s end-user experience (9 min), in which we take a deeper dive into what the product has to offer from an end-user perspective.
  • The Awingu Technical Sessions, in which our COO Steven Dewinter goes over 23 technical topics you may encounter when installing Awingu – ranging from what the architecture looks like to configuring SSO.

5c. AwinguruTalks (podcast/vlog)

Let’s listen to the experts!

AwinguruTalks is a podcast and video blog in which we talk to technology thought leaders, experts and decision-makers. In it, we explore a wide variety of topics – including the current state and future of enterprise technology, IT security and remote working.

5d. One-pagers

We have a multitude of one-pagers for you to download and redistribute. Want to co-brand one? Contact us!

5e. White papers

We have a multitude of white papers for you to download and redistribute. Want to co-brand one? Contact us!

Zero Trust: what, why and how
Mobile Working without Constraints
How Managed and Cloud Service Providers (M/CSPs) Unlock Growth with Awingu
Get Ready for GDPR
Taking the Next Step, Transitioning your Software to SaaS

5f. Guides

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