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SAVIA enables its customers’ secure digital transformation with Awingu

Savia (Soluciones Avanzadas en Inform√°tica Aplicada) is a Spanish specialist provider of payroll and personnel management solutions for the public administration. More than 500 public organizations digitize and automate human resources administrative processes with their technology, gaining in efficiency and focusing on boosting talent and public performance. Their projects go beyond the technological aspect and put people at the center by accompanying them in the process of change to achieve the digital and cultural transformation of organizations.

Currently, Savia uses Awingu to facilitate their clients’ access to their cloud platform. They achieve this with a simpler, faster login and all framed in a single point accessible through a browser. In the past, they used RemoteApp or a remote desktop connection, which fell far short of Awingu, as Javier Prieto, Head of Marketing at Savia, explains. The key role played by our technology partner Claranet, working together with the Spanish distributor MCR, helped them to identify how Awingu could support them.

Digital transformation in public services
Public services have been digitizing at a rapid speed.
With Awingu, fast also means secure and scalable.

The digitization of public administration

One of the biggest problems for personnel departments is the excess of low-value tasks and the need for strategic focus. Technology and specialized services digitize all these administrative processes in their department, resulting in a change that is transferred to the entire organization.

The public sector has been accelerating its digitization exponentially, and employees play an essential role in that transition. HR teams are a driving force behind cultural and digital transformations and must be the first to internalize those changes and the new ways of working.

Therefore, Savia’s technological accompaniment, advice and support, in combination with Awingu, is contributing to the efficiency, digitization and improvement of the Public Administration, ultimately impacting on public service.

In search of a secure and easy solution

To facilitate this, Savia was looking for another solution to provide access to their users. This solution had to meet several requirements related to security, simplicity, and scalability:

  • Bringing greater security to their cloud services: isolating their solutions with an additional layer of security between the applications and the user.
  • Provide a less vulnerable form of access: Such as a remote desktop, which is more susceptible to certain threats.
  • Accessibility for your users: Allowing your solutions to be accessible regardless of architecture, OS, or device.
  • Scalability: Being able to scale resources based on demand.

They looked for a browser-based HTML5 solution and found Awingu among different alternatives. After testing, SAVIA quickly confirmed that Awingu matched its aforementioned needs:

"We saw that Awingu offered intuitive, fast and secure access. We chose it because it covered everything we needed. Awingu was the only solution that offered file management within a web environment in a very intuitive way".
Javier Prieto
CMO, Savia

Today, Awingu is in a production environment providing access to solutions for more than 200 customers. They have received good feedback from their customers about the look & feel and the user experience. According to them, they have not only gained in accessibility and user experience, but also in speed and elimination of steps to access the solutions. In addition, they have found the scalability and redundancy possibilities useful without any problems for their users.

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