Windows apps and desktops

Access and work with all of your legacy Windows applications without changing anything inside the programs. Use a device of your choice (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile) and open all of your company software inside a browser, without the need to install anything.

SaaS (SSO)

Once logged into Awingu, you won’t have to re-authenticate in any of the applications linked to your personal workspace. This means Awingu acts as an “Identity Provider” (IDP). We have out-of-the-box connectors with popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Salesforce, Dropbox and many more. Furthermore, we have integrations with Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory which enable you to easily extend the Single-Sign-On to over 5000 applications.

Web applications

Provide a secure access to all your internal websites (like intranet) and browser-based web applications (such as your CRM and marketing tools) within your closed Awingu environment via our reverse proxy capabilities. Here, too, we provide Single Sign-On capabilities.

File servers (cloud or classic)

Get access to your company shared drive, SharePoint and Office 365 OneDrive via your browser. Our web-based file manager provides a unified view across all drives (on premise or in any cloud), it supports all common file/folder operations, and offers drag-and-drop functionality, file sharing and breadcrumb navigation.

Any browser on any device on any OS

You can use your device of choice, be it an Apple MacBook, Windows PC, Linux PC, Google Chromebook, Android tablet, iOS tablet, Samsung Dex, Microsoft Continuum etc. With Awingu you work via any available browser, meaning it's all up to you to choose any device to connect to. Even on a Tesla board computer, or a smart fridge!

Proprietary RDP to HTML5 technology

Awingu runs on in-house developed RDP to HTML5 technology. Therefore, it builds upon your current RDP settings and all that you need to access and use your company applications and files is a browser that supports HTML5.

Personalized workspace

We allow end-users to tweak their environment just enough to optimize their productivity, including by letting them choose favourite applications, bookmarked files and default applications per file type. All of these are optional, of course, and less tech-savvy users don't have to bother using them.

Smartcard support

By the use of our in-house developed Remote Application Helper, Awingu can provide Smartcard support in any HTML5 session on any browser and on any OS.

Multiple screen working supported

With Awingu, you can have a virtually infinite amount of sessions open simultaneously. As your sessions runs in a browser environment, you have the option to open those in new tabs or windows that allow for multiple working. Furthermore, you can span your session over as many windows as you need.

Virtual printing

The hassle of having to install printer drivers on your backend and not being able to print from any other printer within an RDP session is a thing of the past. Awingu's virtual printer allows you to print anywhere, on any printer from any device and program.

In-app notifications

Get notified when an action happens in a tabbed-out application session, just like you would receive a notification in your system tray.

Built-in MFA

Use strong authentication to login securely into your Awingu workspace. Once logged into Awingu, there is no need to login into other connected applications. Awingu provides a built-in one-time password tool free of chance. Alternatively, you can choose to work with your existing Radius equipment, services such as SMS Passcode, Duo Security and Azure MFA. Administrators can make the use of MFA mandatory outside of the company network, and/or they can enable the optional 30-day browser trust.

Built-in SSL encryption

Awingu supports encrypted connections for a secure solution. As such, you can still use SSL, but in a user-friendly fashion and without the hassle of traditional VPN setups and login procedures to work remotely.

Deep usage audit and anomaly detection

Use administration features to view usage behind Awingu: e.g., see who has logged in, what applications were used and what actions were performed upon which files. This is useful for auditing purposes, but also for license (cost) optimization.

Granular usage controls

Awingu offers a vast array of possibilities. As an administrator you can control who gets access to what functionalities. For example, block the download/upload of a document, or block collaboration features. You can do so at the level of the user, or create groups of users to facilitate management.

Context-aware (based on network)

Choose to enable or disable a variety of security features based upon the login location. It makes sense to enforce stronger authentication when your employees are surfing on an unknown or public network, and to tone down on authentication when they login to their desktop computer at the office to ensure a smooth and easy login.

Built-in file sharing

Easily share documents from the Awingu file browser. Share a unique URL to either internal or external stakeholders via email or Instant Messaging. Set and manage permission rights with each document: preview (read only), download and/or set the document expiration date.

Built-in app session sharing

Applications connected to Awingu (excl. SaaS) have built-in collaboration functionality that allow you to share any application (session) or work jointly together within the application. For example, collaborate with a colleague ‘live and online’ to review a PowerPoint deck, or share your SAP application for technical support. Functionality can be de/activated for each user, or group of users.

Skype for Business integration

Take Awingu’s session and file sharing capability a step further. Send share links immediately to your contacts on Skype for Business. Choose between Awingu’s existing URL copy, or send to your contact per Skype for Business. Awingu support for Office 365’s Skype for Business.

Any cloud (private, hybrid and public)

Deploy Awingu on the infrastructure of your choice, be it your own on-premise environment, a public cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc.) or any combination of the two.

Multi-tenant as of a single VM

Host multiple environments with their own specific active directory, applications, files and accesses as of a single instance.

Customizable per tenant

Customize not only the data accesses per tenant, but rebrand the environments to create a unique and individual look and feel for all of your departments or organisations.

Open API

Awingu is open API based, which allows you programmatic access to automate processes, integrate third-party tools and manage your environment in any way you choose.



Awingu develops a software to simplify enterprise mobility and liberate legacy applications.
Our software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device or OS using any HTML5-based browser.



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