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Still looking for a good alternative for Azure Remoteapp?

Last year, Microsoft announced they will stop with Azure RemoteApp. They plan to shut down the RemoteApp definitely by the end of August 2017 when they will launch a partnership with Citrix and to offer Citrix XenApp Express as a replacement. However, there is a small problem, Citrix`s software is still not available and new purchases of RemoteApp ended on the October 1st 2016.

Are you one of the companies stuck in this in-between phase and you are looking for some better solution? Check out what options Microsoft offers at

Well, whatever makes you stress about this entire situation, it`s time to exhale and relax. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know a better alternative since our solution is available right now and offers a much richer proposition than RemoteApp.

How is Awingu different from Azure RemoteApp?

Awingu offers an online workspace. We enable Single Sign-On to all your cloud applications and access to all your files, whether on internal file shares or stored in cloud solutions. This is wrapped in security while allowing easy collaboration. Awingu is available across clouds and thus enables hybrid deployments.

Want to deploy Awingu on Azure?

Awingu on Azure is extremely easy to install. You can deploy a full instance in the Azure Marketplace with Awingu All-in-One. With just 5 minutes of setup time, you can deploy and configure the Awingu Virtual Appliance and a full back-end (app servers, Active Directory, file servers).

The only thing you still need to do is install your application(s) on the application servers, configure your applications and create users in Active Directory.

What about Citrix replacements?

Citrix solutions come with many challenges. There are many installations and components needed to set up a remote network. There is no clear, transparent pricing. If you wish to have all the functionalities, you must purchase different products. Upgrading Citrix-based environments can be a real painful process. We’ve seen too many cases where upgrades are so time consuming and expensive (e.g. because you need to build a fully new solution) that businesses are just not upgrading. They prefer to stay on older, often unsupported, versions.

Let`s recap!

To sum up, when you re-consider all the points mentioned above, it`s easy to understand what you need in your alternative. Awingu checks all the boxes and can help you resolve the issues mentioned above:

  1. We offer one solution that covers all the functionalities.
  2. We believe version upgrades should be as simple as a click of a button. Our development teams take that literally! Have a look at this illustrative video: we show upgrades from Awingu 3.0.3 to Awingu 3.3.0. 9 (p.s. we challenge you to count the number of clicks)
  3. We believe pricing should be transparent and we made a calculation so you don`t have to: Awingu brings up to 81% TCO reduction on licenses alone. (read more about it on

Ready to try out Awingu? Click here and get your 14-days free trial!

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