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Users performing tasks on multiple screens are more productive, studies say

From smartphones and tablets to laptops and television, 90% of all media interactions today are screen-based. As consumers, we balance our time between smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions, meanwhile learning to use these devices altogether to achieve our goals. (1)

When it comes to technology, our personal habits always influence our working habits. We are getting used to managing many different devices. We are used to the commodity of having many options, so when translated into a business setting, this multi-device behavior becomes the multi-screen preference.

Using only one screen is becoming a thing of the past due to many related issues that have been identified as:

  • requiring higher mental workload
  • increased window switching, repositioning, resizing
  • inadvertent opening, and closing of files losing track of the cursor, excess navigation, and forgetting to focus the appropriate window on large single monitors.

While using multiple devices brings clear productivity advantages, working on two screens simultaneously in a classical office setup (desktop or laptop) also brings proven productivity enhancements. For example, you can have an accounting application open on one screen while having a spreadsheet open on the other screen.
A study from The Software Usability Research Lab at Wichita State University has demonstrated productivity increases for users performing tasks on larger or multiple screens. For instance, a 9% productivity increase was noted while using wider screens. Other studies have noted increased window interaction and open windows while using multi-monitor configurations. Similarly, a 3.1% increase was noted using dual screens over a single screen. (2) These numbers may seem small, but even a few alterations can help us work more efficiently.
For multiscreen multitaskers, a single monitor can seem as outdated as dial-up Internet. “You go back to one, and you feel slow,” said Jackie Cohen, 42, who uses three 17-inch monitors in her home office in San Francisco. (3) A dual-screen option is an easy step you can take immediately to improve your work rate. You will be able to use two browsers, run multiple screens across different operating systems and easy view to something you want to have a preview and work on it at the same time.
User experience is essential while adding the new features and improving Awingu software. When we launched Awingu 3.4, we introduced many enhancements, one of them being multi-screen support. As mentioned above, people typically use two screens. In the Awingu environment, you can easily select to open a new window option. This new tab can then be dragged to a different screen. This way you can manage multiple screens and multiple applications, next to each other.For more info, contact us or

For more info, contact us or start your 14-day free trial! We`ll be glad to answer your questions.



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