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Easy, low-effort and succesful customer pitches!

Book a timeslot, invite your customers and we'll do the rest!
Take 5 minutes out of your day to schedule a highly effective Awingu introduction to your customers!


1. Submit the form below

Enter your credentials and the date and time on which you want to schedule the webinar (note: the time you choose is in CET - bare time zone differences in mind). You can also choose whether you want to give an introduction or not, if there's a specific vertical you want to focus on and if you have any other information that we should know.

2. The Awingu wheels start grinding

After the form submission, the following automagically happens:
--- We schedule a webinar slot on our GoToMeeting platform
--- A webpage with a subscription form for your customers is created
--- Your Awingu sales representative is informed about your webinar request

3. You receive an email when everything's settled on our end

This email contains a the following:
--- the GoToMeeting URL where the webinar will take place
--- the subscription web page, which you should send to your customers
--- a ready-made package with email templates for you to send out
--- Awingu's marketing team will update the page for you. Careful, the page will be private before this step - and you won't be able to visit it yet. Expect an email from us as soon as we have processed it!

4. You invite your contacts and they subscribe

This is the only step where you'll need to take action. In essence, send out an email to everyone you want to invite with the subscription web page - Awingu handles the rest!

When your client goes to the webpage and fills in the form, the following happens:
--- they get an email with the URL they need to join
--- you are immediately informed that someone has subscribed
--- an hour before the webinar, they receive a reminder that the webinar is taking place

5. Webinar & follow-up

Your Awingu sales representative will get in touch with you before the webinar to discuss the details. You can present an introduction on the day of the webinar if you choose to do so, and then your Awinguru will give a 30-minute presentation of our unified workspace (tailored to your audience). Afterwards, there'll be a sync between the two of you to see what the next steps are.


Do you have any more questions about Awingu? Reach out to our Awingurus!

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