What is the pricing per concurrent user?

Awingu sells license keys based on the number of 'concurrent' users. A minimum of 20 concurrent users needs to be purchased. Concurrent users can be compared to 'bandwidth'; e.g. 20 concurrent users means that at any time 20 users can simultaneously log in into Awingu.

How many 'named' users does a concurrent user cover? It depends. The ratio can be as low as 1/5 when for example your company works in multiple shifts per day and employees don't use their PC full-time. But equally, it be a 1/1 ratio when your employees are power-users and don't work in shifts.

A single employee (or user) can generate more than one concurrent user when he/she logs into Awingu from different devices at the same time, or when he/she logs into Awingu from different browsers at the same time. 

The number of concurrent users is not impact by the number of applications somebody opens.


Note: for Service Providers, a different pricing model is available. This is based on named users. Want more info? contact us here.